Wholesale Purchasing For Qualified Buyers

Wholesale NutsWe offer our American Native organic pecans in both bulk quantities and in 6oz pre-packaged bags for resale to our customers. Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC takes great pride in providing our delicious, 100% organic and wild pecans to wholesale customers like you, at competitive prices. More information may be obtained by calling (toll-free) 1-866-PECANS8 or 417-667-3501 or by emailing us at marketing@mopecans.com.

Retail outlets, produce markets, and orchards enjoy profitable retail sales by offering our uniquely flavored nutmeats. More and more restaurants, confectioners and bakeries are including American Native Missouri pecans in their customer’s favorite foods.

By selling to small, mid-sized and large businesses, we know each of our customers personally and are able to provide high-quality pecans along with personalized customer service.

Combing your purchases with fellow families, or others in buying clubs, or co-ops to purchase wholesale is a great way to save money while indulging in our tasty little treats.

The careful storage and handling of our pecans in cool temperatures, along with impeccable proper packaging, ensures quality and fresh flavor in every order.

Contact us and ask about the various quantities available, including case sales. Whether your needs are large or small, let Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC be your source for the sweet and flavorful Missouri pecans that your customers, family and friends will prefer.

Standard shipping rates apply for continental United States orders only! For all orders outside of the continental US, contact Missouri Northern Pecan Growers us at (417)667-3501 to figure shipping & complete your order(s).