Certified Organic


“American Native” Certified 100% Organic Pecans

Certified 100% Organic Pecans Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC began with our renowned Missouri Northern pecans that were sold nationwide in retailer stores.  Our pecans have always been pesticide free and, beginning in 2003, we acquired Missouri’s first organic accreditation and began selling our delicious, wild pecans as 100% organic.

Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC is committed to promoting nutty snacks that promote less toxicity in our bodies and the world.  We know that todays health-conscious consumers are looking for food that is free from synthetic chemicals and toxins as these can cause negative effects to the nervous system, fertility, and an increased risk for cancer.  To help consumers reach their health-food goal, Missouri Northern Pecan Growers, LLC continues to offer pecans that are free from these harmful pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.  Certification of our pecans ensures our sincerity in offering a wholesome and environmentally healthy product.

Missouri Northern Pecans Growers, LLC process and distributes American Native pecans in all 50 states and many countries worldwide.  You may also purchase our organic, wild pecans from our online store, by phone, or email.

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